Is learning to code one of your New Year’s resolutions? Start with us in January 2018!

OK Coders is excited to announce the launch of new 2018 beginner bootcamps in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

The 2018 beginner bootcamps will include 5 modules that, together, provide an intro to full-stack web development. The modules are intended to be progressive, allowing a beginner to start by learning the most basic tools and end with a fully functioning, interactive web application. Those with some previous coding experience may pick and choose which modules they’d like to take. Those with no prior experience in web development should start with module 1.All modules are 4 weeks long with classes taking place on Saturdays from 9am-1pm. Although the bootcamp track runs on the same dates in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the curriculum for the two cities is slightly different, so make sure you check out the applications for full details about the bootcamp in your city.

Cost to attend

The individual modules of the OK Coders 2018 beginner track have a cost of $200 per 4-week module. However, anyone taking more than one module will receive each module for a discounted price of $150. We’re excited to offer participation in the final capstone module at no cost to students who have completed at least one other module. Once accepted into the program, participants will be able to pre-pay online for their module(s) or bring a check to the first day of class.

 How do I sign up?

The application for all modules are at and will remain open through start of the Capstone module in July. You’ll choose the application either for Oklahoma City or Tulsa, and then on the application you’ll specify which module(s) you’re signing up for. Please make note of the module start dates, and ensure that you apply at least one week in advance of the first module you wish to take.


This is a slightly new model for us, so we know you may have lots of questions about cost, curriculum, pre-requisites, etc. Send us your questions at, or on Twitter @okcoders, and we’ll compile another blog post of FAQs about the upcoming 2018 session.

We hope you’ll decide to learn to code with us in 2018!