OK Coder’s spring session is coming up and you might be wondering what you can do to get ready for it. The bootcamp will be challenging, so it’s smart thinking to come prepared. The staff at OK Coders want to help out, and we have three recommendations that’ll equip you to succeed from day one of the bootcamp.

1. Learn fundamental web tech at Codecademy


We’ll be focusing on JavaScript programming for the spring session but we’ll still be building web pages and that means you need to be familiar with basic web technologies like HTML and CSS. These two languages are the building blocks of web pages, so any practice you have with them will give you at head start at OK Coders. Practice with HTML and CSS will also prepare you for the more formal nature of JavaScript programming, which is quite persnickety!

Get a head start on HTML and CSS with Codecademy’s Web track. This free site teaches basic web technologies with interactive lessons and exercises. It’s ideal for beginning programmers, and once you’ve learned the basics you can move on to more advanced material.

2. Start learning JavaScript with Eloquent JavaScript


There are a ton of free resources for learning programming on the internet, and one of the best for JavaScript is Eloquent JavaScript. JavaScript is the programming language for the web and we’ll be spending most of our time on it this spring. Originally designed to make web pages more interactive, JavaScript has expanded into the world of servers and databases, all of which we’ll be learning about.

But you have to start with the basics, especially if this is your first programming language. Eloquent JavaScript is a free eBook that takes you from the fundamentals of JavaScript programming right through advanced browser and server-side applications in accessible, well-organized lessons. The books is sort of a text book for our OK Coders class, and you can use it to get a head start on learning JavaScript right now.

3. Come to our open prep sessions


The OK Coders instructors will be holding free, open prep sessions in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in the weeks leading up to the bootcamp. We’ll cover early lesson material from the bootcamp to give you a head start and we’ll open the floor to any questions you have about programming, the bootcamp, or life in general.

We’ll be announcing the prep sessions in our email newsletter, so be sure to get signed up!

~ The OK Coders Team