OK Coders is launching its Spring 2015 session on March 24 in two cities – OKC and Tulsa! We’re thrilled you want to be a part of it. Applications open tomorrow, Feb. 4, and we’ll be hosting mini-sessions throughout the month of February so you can try out OK Coders Intro to HTML and CSS and learn more about the teaching style.

Here are a few particulars about OK Coders and the Spring 2015 Session:

What exactly is OK Coders? 

OK Coders is Oklahoma’s coding boot camp that prepares participants for projects and apprenticeships in web development. In an eight-week course that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, OK Coders participants learn current technologies that prepare them to be more efficient in their current tech skills and better applicants for startup positions.

Who is qualified for OK Coders? 

You are. Here’s why: You have more than six weeks to gear up for OK Coders. Start watching tutorials on HTML and CSS, dabbling in JavaScript and generally prepping for the world of web development with the help of a few free online resources. Here are some we like. You don’t have to be an expert or even fluent in HTML and CSS – you just need to be familiar with these foundational tools of web development.

Where will OK Coders offer its curriculum? 

We’re hosting sessions in the heart of Oklahoma City and Downtown Tulsa during the Spring 2015 session. We can’t wait to meet more people across the state who are interested in developing their skills!

How much does this cost? 

Thanks to some incredible sponsors in both cities, OK Coders is offered at a subsidized rate of $250 per participant for the full eight weeks. Learn more about our great sponsors here.

More questions? Send them our way at okcoders@gmail.com. Our first mini-session kicks off next Wednesday, Feb. 11 in Norman for those thinking about taking the OKC Session. Sign up here. More info to come on sessions in OKC and Tulsa!

Code on,

The OK Coders Team