OK Coders is back, and we’ve expanded our curriculum! We’re excited to announce TWO new upcoming web development boot camps in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

The first 8-week session will begin March 22 and will cover an expanded front end and web design curriculum, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular. The second 8-week session will begin May 31 and will focus on back end development, including databases, servers, and networking.

Together, the two sessions are intended to provide aspiring programmers with an in depth introduction to full stack web development. Each course will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6-8pm.

How do I apply?

Applications are now open for the front end development boot camp. We’ll take applications for the back end course later this spring. You are encouraged to apply and take both the front end and back end classes, although you’re welcome to only apply for one if it’s more suited to your programming goals. Applications will be available soon at www.okcoders.com/apply.

Who is qualified for OK Coders?

OK Coders is open to beginning and experienced programmers alike. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend doing some online courses (think Udacity or Codecademy) in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to familiarize yourself with these foundational tools of web development before the class begins.

Boot Camp cost

Thanks to our partners in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, we’re able to offer OK Coders at a subsidized rate of $350 per 8-week boot camp. However, participants that choose to take both front end and back end courses will receive a discount upon enrollment in the second session!


Follow us on twitter @OKcoders and sign up for our newsletter for more information about the upcoming boot camps. You can reach us at okcoders@gmail.com if you have further questions.